May Day! Mayday!


There is a hill so close to my house, it's a quite place. So, during the sunny days I can have the best view there. Actually, there the entire town is mine!  I can watch the trams going up and down, enjoy the sun and my ice cream!

I am not going to blame myself about my huge late.  I had promised that I will try to upload posts as soon as possible…. But I didn’t.
However, I have many new things since the last post and I can't wait for sharing them.
Also, I'll try to keep my promise about often posts. I promise. Pinky promise.
Nowadays, I have a new notebook for all these things I'm always forgot to do... or just delay.
As Oscar Wilde used to say "I never put off till tomorrow what I can possibly do - the day after".
It seems fun to keep notes, the last weeks I did a very good job... but May Day was the official start for that. If it will keep working, I can suggest you some "organize tips" for all these things you are lazy to do!

My blog for me is like a comfortable sofa, I can relax on it during or after of a very busy season of my life.

Day by day, the weather in Sweden is more in a "spring mood" and I think  is a good opportunity for many adventures! 

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