Fika: The Art Of Coffee


If you have a Swedish friend or you have been in Sweden, then you know what means “hej”(hello), “tack!” (thank you) and “fika”.
“Fika”(pronounced fee-ka) is both a noun and verb and also designates a moment.

That moment you have a little pause, sit down with a cup of coffee, tea or a juice and just relax.
You can have “fika” everywhere, anytime with anyone or alone.  Actually you can do it, at your home, working place – in many companies there are one or two breaks which all the coworkers meet have a cup of coffee and talk, this room called “fikarum”.  Also you can go at a cafeteria or choose one of all these beautiful parks in Sweden – because every sunny day is a reason for fika!
However that means, you can have fika with friends, colleagues or alone! It is explicit, there isn’t any specific translate or word for this moment. It isn’t the coffee which I’m drinking while I’m writing this article. It’s that period of time you will slow down, with someone or alone and just enjoy your coffee and eat something sweet, maybe a cake, light sandwich or the kind of fika… a delicious traditional bulle (cinnamon bun).  

The first month in Sweden that I really surprised was the menu at the cafeterias, cause I couldn’t find – or maybe, I still can’t find a café without served food. I have been in many café with variety of coffee but still the half menu is all about the food.
The question solved when a friend invited me for fika. In my entire life I used to order only coffee (If you go to Greece, you will understand what I mean). So, I did the same thing that day. The girl at the cashier had a silence moment and my friend started to suggest me some sweets. Then I realized that means “Swedish fika”!
Of course there are no rules for having fika. You don’t have to be even coffee lover.  As I have already told you, it doesn’t means “I’m drinking coffee”.  That make fika so important is that, you should stop whatever you are doing and just relax with friends or not, with a tea or coffee.
Everyday, I have two times “fika” at least. We are doing in the morning, during and after work, in evenings… all day!
Also there are some special days, like #fridayfika
Remember, we’re talking about the second-biggest coffee consumer behind Finland. Swedish people love coffee, in fact is very important especially during the winter, when we have sun for few hours.
If you are coffee lover, then Sweden is a little paradise for you. 
Swedish people don’t want to translate or rename that moment, it’s something like traditional and of course is really important to keep that feeling of relaxing during a busy day!
According the book “Fika: The Art Of Swedish Coffee break”: Life without fika is unthinkable”

The moment when you read a book and drink a cup of tea, that Saturday morning when you lay down on the grass with your best friend and having a cold drink. All these mean “fika”! 

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