Sometimes is just a "yellow box"!


The first year the babies try to connect with people, screaming. At the end of this year, they start with the first steps. After three years they face the first big disappointment, when they realize that, they are a separate part of the world. Next bigger disappointment? Everybody is not only a separate part of the world but there are so many different between us!
Every morning I travel with many countries. At every tram station, many cultures get in.
That because I'm living in a multicultural country, I have the opportunity to meet people and learn new things about countries, which I have never been.
This is a kind of happiness. The moment when we share things and habits of our cultures. To be honest, sometimes there are too many, new information for me, but that’s ok because first of all, we’re gentle with any opposed.
Everything is so simple, you don’t have to explain the meaning of “diversity”. Because no one cares about the color of  your skin, your external appearance or what you’re doing in your personal life. 
But I think that we use to call “culture”, isn’t it?

Day by day, I just look around me and admire two things: how beautiful there is in this city and how good looks with all that different.

Admire. If I start to explain what exactly means, we’ll find that: all these information about something, which we can’t analyze so we just  admire! 
Nowadays many people use to stand in front of a yellow box  and worship that in the name of “art”, without any reason.
On the other hand, it’s not always bad to admire something but is the perfect timing to think about this feeling… or what’s wrong with this yellow, empty box?

To be honest, for me “admire” is that feeling for everything  new. Imagine a kid when starts the first steps, then it wants run, climb and learn his limits.
Then, I think comes “love”. In the beginning I used to obverted the Swedish lifestyle but now I really love it!    

Y. Theotokas ( Greek novelist) said:  Greeks can’t believe that a man who thinks differently from them may be a very honest, useful man. Worthy, honest and useful is only those who agree with us. For the others there are only: Fire and ax!

In the end, I want to notice that, every man (Greek neither) have to realize two important things: Every person is a part of world – and this is  the easy part-  but at the same time, the others  are a separate part of world – and this is the hard part.  

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