So what?

One month later in the "cold" Sweden, I have many experiences and even more new habits and routines, but please don’t ask me to mention them one by one, It’ll take dozen of hours! 
The most important thing for me was after the second week,
when I started to change my mindset. So, when I stopped admiring the town and began to observe  people’s behaviors and the bond between them. 
If I have to describe them with only two words, those would be: “freedom” and “critical think”. 

Let’s see…

I’m in a new place, but I have been in this situation before. Few days later, I felt a pat on the back from some professionals collegues. They wanted to give me some space for learning, getting experiences and letting me make mistakes because sometimes mistakes are the only way for knowledge. Also, if someone lets you free to do things the wrong way, that means freedom and of course this is a way to get better.
In this case, you start to become more honest as with yourself as with the others. This can only be possible, when you realize and recognize your faults and then you feel the need to say that you’re sorry or a frankly “thank you”.
This feeling, for me is an approach of happiness. I think  I always want to work hard and become better for what I really love.
It doesn’t make sense if we  only do  those we already know.

Critical Think.
I never appreciate, when people don’t face the truth. They don’t try to accept their life’s problems and overcome them. However they prefer to pretend.
Nowadays, I explain my worries with one question, “so what?”. If you have a problem, you have also the solution. Take your time to face the reality but please… hurry up!
On the other hand, I really love when people prepare themselves for a situation before it comes.
When you start using the changes of your new life, everything around you starts transmitting different thoughts but keep in mind, you decide what is worth. 

Anyway, enjoy your new habits!

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