Welcome to Sweden


Before the airplane takes off,it goes so fast and it's impossible to see clearly  out of the window…

We had previously made the dreams and the decision for this, a long time ago. Few weeks before the departure, I felt happy, impatience and at the same time, I was so afraid about it. 

Though, the last week everything's gone so fast because of the preparations and some issues we had to face with the "red tape".  So, I hadn't realized it till  the “big day” came;
Those days, I tried so hard to feel hesitant, happy or at least something!I cannot describe what happened with  details. I just remember a few people and  few goodbyes.

…after all, when it takes off, you feel something like butterflies in your stomach. You are afraid but you’re laughing at the same time…

We got in the airplane and then it hit me ,I felt aroused and the first feelings came, after many days.  I was wondering what should we expect.
We traveled for eight hours, we had to spent some more in the waiting room, or not! because karma is a…  Karma wanted to make it a challenge for us.
He was so serene, I felt safe with him. So, challenge accepted! 

… In the end, the sun blinds you for a few seconds and then you are in the air.

Välkommen till Sverige!

My First Swedish morning: I just sat down in front of the window, with a cup of coffee and watched our new neighborhood. I haven’t saw so many natural colors before.
Who cares about the weather? We had the proper clothes. It was our first day and we couldn’t wait for a walk around the city – We walked for 7 hours.
I just needed my backpack, a coat, my camera.. I was ready to learn this beautiful city;
With the colorful parks and the big, Baroque buildings. As for the Swedish organization, was another reason to love this country and forget any worries I  may had about this change.
During the walk I realized that everything here inspires respect and make their thinking more critical. 

In fact,nothing is so easy, if you don’t make the decision with the right person. It’s kinda awkward, when people change 100% their life style.  Fortunately, life had  a better plan for me than I thought.  
As phrase says, the more big the change,the bigger the obstacles you will face. The main point is that you have to focus on your goals; Sometimes may you will feel disappointed and lost. Maybe this time, karma will give you a gift because you worth it. Enjoy it!

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